Following many years of designing men's performance physical products, I moved to UX design in search of new challenges. Activewear designs that are constructed around a person's needs and goals have always fascinated me. Researching the user and obsessing over the user naturally translate into UX Design. Now, I have developed my critical thinking and analytical problem-solving skills.
As a person of color, I want to challenge the underrepresentation of diversity in our industry. Instructors who looked like me when I was growing up did not surround me. In keeping with my own experiences, I want to encourage those of color who have design dreams, and I believe it is possible!
Merging my passion and background in design, was a natural move into a new industry.
"Guillermo and Abdel worked with us to advise on RIT's website improvements and create a mockup to redesign our nonprofit's most important pages: Home page, Volunteer, and Donate. From the beginning, I was moved by Guillermo and Abdel's deep commitment and support of RIT's mission to serve refugees and immigrants in the Bay Area. They did an in-depth study of user experience and created a beautiful mockup for our three website pages. They were responsive and communicative at every step of the way, meeting with our team weekly to explain their (fascinating!) process in detail and solicit our feedback. Thank you so much Guillermo and Abdel!! We greatly enjoyed working with you."
Julia Glosemeyer. Senior Development & Communications Coordinator

“I had the opportunity to work with Guillermo on a project at General Assembly. His ambition for functionally aesthetic design, led our group’s direction, ultimately resulting in an impactful solution. His energy, understanding, and critical eye made a long-lasting impression and willingness to collaborate again at the drop of a hat.”
Alex Lotti. UX/UI Design Fellow, Industrial Designer, Instructor

“Guillermo’s commitment to quality and perfection is the cornerstone to his success. With his energy and dedication, Guillermo will be a valuable asset to any company”
Silvia Blasco. Senior Designer at Old Navy

“Guillermo is amazing. I don't know how else to explain it! Working with him on a daily basis was a true pleasure. He is very creative, organized, driven, and has an infectious laugh. I look forward to a day when we work together again!”
Brandon Just. Senior Manager Fabric & RD at Old Navy
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