Supporting women-owned brands with ethical & sustainable products.
Lets take a bird's-eye view
Confidants is an e-commerce site for discovering new products that support sustainable, ethical values, with curating brands led by women-owned businesses. 
Digital users found it challenging to shop. There was an increase in abandoned carts at check-out. Having the ability to save items, to view later, would increase sales.
The proposed updates were going to be handed off to engineers to implement. I worked directly with the founder to align with the needs of the business and its users. 
Research says....
“How do I get back? It doesn't give you the option. I guess I must redo it.”
The tasks were to save & edit items at the checkout. Through usability testing, participants could not complete either. This validated the hypothesis of where and how users were experiencing pain points.  
The business needs & our persona​​​​​​​
According to the evaluation

“I can’t save my favorite items, so I don’t know what I’ve looked at.”​​​​​​​
• The first violation was the flexibility and ease of use. Users could not save items as favorites (1)
• Digital users needed user control and freedom to edit the cart at checkout (2) ​​​​​​​
The fashion maven

“When I shop, I want to know I'm making a difference by supporting ethical/sustainable brands”
The fashion maven is busy with a hectic schedule and forgets items she would love to view later, which lead to abandoning their carts. Digital users weren't able to make any updates at the checkout point.
What they're: doing, thinking, saying
 Let's look at the competitors
Banana Republic & Barnes & Noble gives users the option to save items to favorites.  
In the Target app, users can edit the basket, units, or style at the checkout point.
What's the problem?
“It would be easier, and I would save time if I had items saved. I had to refill the information, and it wasn’t easy to navigate back.”
Digital users used the breadcrumbs on the payment section when editing the cart. Target users were experiencing two essential pain points
• They couldn’t save favorite items
• Edit the cart from at the payment stage
Hear me out, this is what I'm proposing
By adding the features to save favorites and edit the cart, digital users will stop abandoning carts, creating an increase in conversion rates. Users will be able to update their basket before entering their shipping & payment information.
Work it out!
The sketching phase is the opportunity to work out the steps to complete the navigation map. I discovered there would be more frames needed and a need to minimize the number of clicks. 

Low-level wireframes

Iterate. Iterate. Iterate...and if needed..repeat
Through iterations, I validate both the hypothesis and problem statement in more detail. With user testing, I discovered there was a need for additional CTA buttons and screens.
Mid-level wireframes
Design System
Creating a design system has been a learning lesson. I’ve made the mistake of creating individual icons at the start, to have to go back and build components. In the future, I will begin with the design system library to ease the back & forth.
High fidelity frames
Final testing on the prototype had a couple of hiccups to work through at the checkout stage. The final product had rave reviews from the client. Target users appreciated the ease of shopping and saving items for later.
The prototype, along with the MVP
Through usability testing, user flows, and research, it led to the two MVPs; 
Ability to save items to favorites
• Ability to edit the cart at the checkout​​​
Confidants implemented the proposed add to favorite feature on their e-commerce site. There was a love for simplicity. This led to lowering abandonment of carts and an increase in conversion rates.​​​​​​​​​​​​
Next steps
The redesign achieved what I had set out to accomplish. If there were more time, I would add the feature to share finds with others.
Reflections & takeaways
This client project never felt like work. I love that Confidants represents and supports women-owned businesses. Users had a more efficient and enjoyable shopping experience. 
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